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The Program for Management Development is your fast track to senior leadership.

Innovative in design, with a flexible format, the PMD will take you on a learning journey that will positively impact your career and your organization.

Unlock your fullest potential with IESE's Program for Management Development (PMD)

Transform the way you do business




Know yourself better - your strengths and your areas for improvement.

Begin to practice a new way of leading 

Leave a positive and lasting impact on people.

Leadership competencies

Know yourself better - your strengths and your areas for improvement. 

Learn to empower, inspire and align teams around strategic goals.

Understand how business functions work together and move into a general manager mindset

Understand how business functions work together and move into a general manager mindset

Make decisions based on a solid understanding of strategy and your competitive context.




With our focus on the general management perspective, you will develop a holistic understanding of organizations and learn to lead across different business functions. You will explore what it means to lead and to become a force for positive impact in your company and society.

Our Barcelona campus will be your window onto the world, giving you first-hand experience in global business and daily interaction with international faculty and peers. You will develop the creativity and longer-term thinking to be an entrepreneur, receiving the academic and practical support you need.

Global & entrepreneurial viewpoint

While our language of instruction is English, you will have the opportunity to master business Spanish or take the bilingual MBA, empowering you to work in two of the world’s most spoken languages.

People-centered approach

Business knowledge

When sitting down at the negotiating table, simply driving a hard bargain on one particular variable – usually price – in order to secure a bigger slice of the pie for yourself will more often than not lead to deadlock rather than a deal. What can negotiators do to keep negotiations alive and avoid an impasse? 

This article discusses why creative offers and counteroffers play such a vital role in the negotiating process, and also proposes a number of strategies to help improve your own negotiating skills. 

The Power for Creative Comebacks
By Kandarp Mehta (PMD)


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Five Essential Strategies

for Creative Negotiations.

for Creative Negotiations.